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11 June 2012

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In the first four months of 2012, nearly everyone went "all in" stocks and gold – and said "no way" to the dollar. As it turns out, the markets moved contrary to their consensus opinion. This begs the question:

What Were You Reading

about Stocks, Gold

and the Dollar when ...

  • The U.S. Dollar Index was at 78.7 on Feb. 9 and the financial news reported, "Experts are forecasting a continuation of soft performance in the U.S. dollar as talk of a likely deal in Greece empowers the euro." – NuWire Investor

    Here's what we said (when we said it):

  • Gold was at $1,728 on Feb. 6 and the financial news reported, "HSBC said it was keeping its 2012 average gold forecast at $1,850 an ounce due to accommodative global monetary policies, financial market uncertainty and renewed central banks' interest." – Reuters

    Here's what we said (when we said it):

  • The Dow was at 13,215 on May 1 and the financial news reported, "Greenspan Says US Stocks 'Very Cheap,' Likely to Rise" – Bloomberg

    Here's what we said (when we said it):

Now, we don't share these timely forecasts to imply that we're always right. You and I know that no market forecasting service can make that claim. Yet we want you to know that while volatility does mean uncertainty to many investors, it can often mean opportunity if you're watching the waves.

The most important question for you today is NOT

what were you reading then, but rather ...

What are you going to read NOW?

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07 June 2012

the 80/20 Trade

The 80/20 Trade: "Pounce Like a Cat"
Patience Can Be Rewarding
June 04, 2012

By Elliott Wave International

Copy the tiger when stalking and capturing a "pounce-ready" trade.
Tigers know the prey they covet is elusive: they show great patience and care when stalking the target.
I came across this description of the tiger's technique:
"When hunting, this cat...may take twenty minutes to creep over ground which would be covered in under one minute at a normal walk...the tiger will sometimes pause...move closer and so lessen that critical attack distance...before finally raising its body and charging.

"...they wait until a victim comes close and spring up...This ambush method of hunting uses less energy and has a greater chance of success."
You must "ambush" high confidence trades. Long-time professional trader and teacher Dick Diamond says patience is vital before the ambush.
I talked to Diamond about his famous 80/20 trade, which he means literally -- he says it has at least an 80 percent chance of success. It's the only trade set-up Diamond will take.
Q: Could you tell me about the 80/20 trade?
Diamond: The 80/20 trade is based on indicators that create a specific trading set-up. A trader must act on this set-up immediately. You must wait, and then pounce like a cat when the opportunity presents itself. Then you set stops. In shorter time frames, like trading from a five minute chart, the 80/20 set up may come along a few times a day. If you're trading a longer time frame, like off of a 120 minute or 240 minute chart, the 80/20 will come along less frequently, but when it does, the opportunity will be bigger. The 80/20 trade can be especially rewarding for position traders. Sometimes the indicators reveal what I call 90/10 or even 95/5 trades.
Q: What emotional factors do students need to work on the most?
Diamond: Traders must be calm and confident. You can't be a Nervous Nellie and succeed at trading. Calmness comes from learning the proper trading techniques.
Q: What's different about trading today vs. when you started out in the 1960s?
Diamond: When I started trading, execution took up to five minutes -- now it takes less than a second. Time is money, so computers provide a great advantage to today's trader compared to pre-computer days. At the same time, while computers allow the trader to see multiple indicators on the screen, one must avoid indicator overload. One must learn to narrow down the number of indicators.

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